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Studying in Crete offers a unique environment to combine state of the art medical training with the opportunities offered when living in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean 

Health and welfare

The International Program in Medicine will ensure all students have the best health care support. Students coming from EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, should have the European Health Insurance Card that provides access to the public health care system in Greece. Students coming from outside EU countries will be offered insurance contract that covers their healthcare as part of the tuition. In addition, the University Hospital of Heraklion has reached an agreement with the Medical School providing healthcare to all students free of charge. A primary health care office operates inside the Medical School of the University of Crete to support student health on a daily basis.  

University of Crete Welcome Office

University of Crete Welcome Office serves as a central hub for all incoming foreign students and researchers, providing them with comprehensive support and guidance throughout their academic journey.  

The Welcome Office is offering a wide range of services, including language courses, cultural events, accommodation assistance, and visa support. Its goal is to ensure that every international student and researcher feels welcome and at home at the University of Crete and has the resources they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.  

Student Counselling Center

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) at the University of Crete, which was established in 2003, operates independently to the university departments. The professional staff at SCC, which includes psychologists, sociologists and social workers, offers students the opportunity to discuss personal concerns in a confidential and respectful context.
The SCC provides free services to undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The services include personal and group psychological support and counselling, personal psychological support and counselling. The personal counseling service provides students with professional help for emotional and interpersonal problems, such as difficulties adjusting to university life, anxiety, depression, loneliness, eating problems (e.g. bulimia), bereavement, interpersonal relationships (e.g. breaking up), exams stress, social phobia, and others.

Student Ombudsman

The University of Crete operates a Student Ombudsman office. The Student Ombudsman acts as a student advocate. The Ombudsman represents the interests of students by addressing issues of maladministration or violation of rights and attempting to resolve them through mediation between students and faculty or administrative services of the University.

The Ombudsman investigates cases, acting either on his/her own initiative or upon a student complaint, and mediates with the appropriate bodies of the University to resolve such cases in accordance with the principles of academic freedom and the proper functioning of the University.

Access-Students with Special Needs

Ramps, lifts and accessible toilets are available for all the university departments and facilities, including the libraries, restaurants, student societies and sports facilities. More information at 

University Library

The University library of Heraklio provides a wide range of resources to support students and their studies. Access to international journals and books are offered online through University of Crete subscriptions and the Hellenic Academic Libraries link. More information is provided at 

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